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Membership in Clark County Dental Society

Member Benefits

Enjoy the many benefits of the Clark County Dental Society including:

Continuing Dental Education Programs
Peer Review
Publications - HOTLINE Newsletters
Find A Dentist Referral Service
Enhancement of Community Image
Children's Dental Health Month Participation
Community Service Volunteer Opportunities
Positioning of our profession as we face legislative challenges and empowering dentists to control their destinies.

How To Apply

Print off a Membership Application with the link at the bottom of the page and return it to CCDS via email, or mail to PO Box 821475 Vancouver, WA 98682. The WSDA will contact you regarding the tripartite membership dues.

If you have additional questions about membership, please feel welcome to contact our membership chair, Dr. Mark Johnson, (360) 254-1590.

Awards Received by CCDS

Dr. Jacqueline Angel WSDA Citizen of the Year 2015

WSDA President 2012, Dr. Danny Warner

WSDA Dental Citizen of the Year 2012, Dr. Peter Lubisich IV

WSDA Dental Citizen of the Year 2006, Dr. Eugene Sakai

WDS Foundation Grant Award Recipient for Children's Dental Health Day

Why Should I Join?

The ADA has been vigilant in protecting your professional interests in Congress. State and local legislators have heard the voice of dentistry through the WSDA and CCDS Representatives. That's a benefit to you.

Continuing education and information in virtually every area of dentistry becomes readily available when you support this unique national, state, and local partnership. Members of the tripartite have access to a variety of useful programs; from CE courses, to practice management resources, peer review systems, and insurance and retirement programs.

The power of organized dentistry is here to help. For more information on membership and its benefits, please visit:

American Dental Association
Washington Dental Association
WSDA The Source