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A Message from Our President

Welcome back, fellow CCDS doctors!
As we wrap up the last two weeks of summer the leaders of our dental society has been hard at work in refining the mission of CCDS and firming up specific policies that will benefit all members.  We have achieved a lot of success last year, especially the revision and update of our bylaws under Dr. Hollar's leadership, and we look forward to carrying that momentum into the next 10 months as we establish CCDS as the definitive voice for dental health in Clark County.  "How will we do that?" you might ask.
The first highlight is our new website.  Dr. Keith Collins and others have been working on it every week and it is now looking better and better.  We have a number of ideas in the works to help make this a public-friendly place where they can receive pertinent information regarding their dental health, as well as making this a powerful website in helping dentists gain exposure and influence.  We wish to highlight news worthy efforts by any and all member dentists to not only promote each other, but most importantly, to promote the policies that will enhance the oral health of all Clark County residents.
Second, we are actively engaged with local mass media such as The Columbian.  This effort complements our website in not only disseminate important information, but to more firmly establish CCDS as the authoritative voice for all things oral health in Southwest Washington.  We are on track to have at least three or four articles with their Health reporter in this coming year and we will be looking forward to the feedback from the community.
Third, we will continue to engage the local politicians to influence policy making in Olympia.  With our new found connection at The Columbian and the potential influence we may have on public opinion, we will be able to effectively lobby the politicians from both parties in both chambers of the legislature to enact the right laws to not only protect, but to promote health.
Fourth, we have worked with the COOR study club to enhance and elevate the CE offerings this year.  Dr. Collins have provided a schedule of program that is centered around the theme of oral-systemic health and putting the mouth back in the body.  He will share more about it.
In closing, I want to share a short story that illustrates the influence CCDS has on dentistry in our great State of Washington.  As many of you know, University of Washington has had a tumultuous year since the disclosure of their financial troubles and the resignation of Dean Joel Berg.  Through the recommendation of CCDS dentists, and the lobbying efforts via State Senators by CCDS dentists, and the supportive statements given to the Provost of the University by CCDS dentists, Dr. Gary Chiodo was installed as the new Interim Dean at the University of Washington School of Dentistry.  What this means, is that CCDS dentists have essentially helped salvage the future of a dental school that is Top-Five in the US and Top-Fifteen in the world, and there will be at least 360 dentists who will graduate UW having benefited from a Dean that we helped install.
Isn't that wonderful?  We can do so much more when we act together!
Ronald H. Hsu, DDS, MS, FAAPD
President, Clark County Dental Society
Board Certified Pediatric Dentist
Storybook Dental
P: 360-216-1130
F: 360-216-1125