Keith Collins, DMD

Keith Collins, DMD
President, Clark County Dental Society

A Message from Our President

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as the President of Clark County Dental Society.  It was about eleven years ago when the American Dental Association (ADA)  adopted a new byline, “America’s leading oral health advocate”.  My tenure is devoted to helping Clark County Dental Society serve as “Clark County’s leading oral health advocate”.  Efforts at national and state levels can only go so far, actual change requires action at the community level.  This is my plan:

We dedicated our lecture series for local dentists over the past year to medical-dental interrelationships. This year we are engaging our community in a story best told in the June issue of the ADA News, “Washington dental society uses ADA roadmap to build healthy medical-dental collaboration”. Highlights from the story:

“Using the ADA’s document 10 Steps to Medical-Dental Collaboration as a roadmap, the dental society has made inroads in facilitating communication and connections with local physicians.”

“Medical-dental collaborations apply our rapidly evolving knowledge to benefit patients,” said Dr. Collins, who invited physicians from different disciplines to speak at society meetings over the past year in a series he called Putting the Mouth Back in the Body. “We need to collaborate with other health care providers to share insights about ongoing developments about significance of recognizing, treating and preventing dental disease. Patients already get the concept that oral health is essential for health in general. Patients wonder how dental health became separated from medicine.”

Dr. Ron Hsu, our CCDS Immediate Past President, “came up with the idea to give dental emergency kits to schools, and our board approved a grant to fund the kits,” Dr. Collins said. “Dr. Hsu went on to educate school nurses that serve 71,000 children in our community.”

 Dr. Collins created a formal Speakers Bureau for the Society for the benefit of Clark County.

Build interest in our general membership meetings by adding table clinics and roundtable discussions featuring our own local general dentists and specialists, good for 30 minutes of CE credit. Featured lectures will be limited to 90 minutes, ending by 8:30 PM. Members can come earlier and/or stay longer for these new activities. Members can enjoy more topics at each meeting, with new flexibility that meets our goal of two hours of CE each month. 

Continue building our shared library of PowerPoint lectures for the Speakers Bureau.We already have nine 90-minute modules of education that are suitable for live presentation to consumers and health professionals for CME credit.The modules can also be completed online for CME credit.

With help from the ADA and WSDA, conduct a comprehensive review of responsibilities and systems of CCDS as an organization, updating to current models, standards and requirements. Continue development of our CCDS website, participating in the Enhancement Committee for our national ADA web effort. Build sustainable systems and governance for future leaders of CCDS. CCDS granted our MVP award to Valarie Eyssen, ADA Client Services for her outstanding effort in recent years.

Carry the momentum from our community efforts to continue work towards shared goals for legislation, rulemaking, standards, and health advocacy at national and state levels.My informal team includes Rep. Michelle Caldier, DDS, recipient of the WSDA 2018 Dental Citizen of the Year award, and Dr. Gary Chiodo, new Dean of the UW School of Dentistry, who has provided generous help with legislative efforts and advice in general.Special thanks for the support of my dental staff and my loving wife, Cindy.

Thanks to all who are making this effort possible!

Best regards,  

Keith Collins, DMD
President, Clark County Dental Society
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