CCDS 2022-2023 Financial Report

At our May Membership Meeting, CCDS Treasurer, Dr. Ron Hsu, provided a snapshot of the Clark County Dental Society financial forecast from the 2022-2023 term going forward. 

The information below was shared with members at the beginning of our May meeting, Dr. Hsu detailed income sources and expenses for CCDS over the last CCDS term and ways to to alleviate the discrepancies by cutting costs, and boosting revenue (view this portion of our May meeting here at 00:30).

So far, our Executive Council has elected to hold our September 7 Member Meeting virtually and we are exploring other venue options to hold our October and November meetings to cut costs and avoid raising member dues. If you have any questions please reach out to our Executive Director via email at: 

CCDS-Financial Report 2022-2023