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Clark County Dental Society (CCDS) joins forces with EPIC to promote Share Everywhere

Vancouver, WA – CCDS has been on a mission to improve oral health literacy for the community and through other health care providers. Central to this effort and an improved Medical-Dental collaboration is community education and promotion of the Share Everywhere system.

EPIC (Share Everywhere) ( officially granted permission to Dr. Keith Collins, President of Clark County Dental Society (CCDS) to publish details about and speak to the public and the health care provider community about their Share Everywhere system. This development is a key component for Medical-Dental Collaboration, a critical initiative for CCDS and a top priority at the Action for Dental Health campaign by The American Dental Association.

"There is concrete evidence that the mouth is ultimately linked to the rest of the body." Dr. Ron Hsu, CCDS Treasurer, August 23, 2019, Vancouver Business Journal. 

This is a milestone event as a first effort to promote use of Share Everywhere in the medical and dental community to help dentists better serve their patients with better outcomes while reducing risk and potential for complications.

Dr. Ron Hsu shared a personal experience with a Pediatric patient on Blood Thinners. Potential complications could have been avoided with up-to-date medical records prior to the dental procedure.

Read the full ADA article about his experience 

Share Everywhere enables patients to share their medical information with other medical and dental providers, even if that provider doesn’t have access to an Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Patients of many clinics that use the Epic medical record system can access Share Everywhere on their mobile devices and generate a share code that can be provided to their health care provider to access all or part of their health data. This information may include: Medications, Allergies, Health Issues, and Immunizations. The health care provider then enters that code and the patient’s date of birth on the Share Everywhere website to receive one-time and temporary access to the patient’s health information. Share Everywhere also allows the provider with temporary access to enter notes about that patient that are then available to a primary care doctor or specialist. Want to learn more about Share Everywhere? 

The Speakers Bureau at CCDS offers live presentations and webinars about Share Everywhere and many dental topics for the public and health providers, see details here.