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Dentists Warn, Consumers File Complaints Against At-Home Dentistry

The Daily Beast (1/18) reported following the “wave of patients who have embraced this do-it-yourself approach to orthodontia” that “consumer complaints to advocacy groups and regulators, including the FTC, the Food and Drug Administration and state attorneys general, as well as lawsuits, are accumulating.” ADA President Dr. Chad P. Gehani, told The Daily Beast, “A proper diagnosis cannot be done by a picture of teeth” and “an examination, he added, is needed to detect things like cavities, shortened roots and gum disease, which could lead to problems, according to the ADA and the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO). Both groups discourage the use of online aligners.” The Daily Beast reported that Dr. Jeffrey Sulitzer, SmileDirectClub’s chief clinical officer, said in a November 2019 interview that “many of the BBB, FTC and social media complaints focus on customer service issues, such as delays in receiving products or difficulty in obtaining answers to questions about treatment or getting refunds. Only a sliver of complaints – 48 – submitted to the BBB’s website centered on clinical problems.”