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States Relaxing Restrictions Amid Concerns Coronavirus Crisis Is Ongoing

November | 2015 | MOD Blog
The Washington Post (5/4, Zapotosky, Iati, Wagner) reports that on Monday, “at least nine states – including Florida, Colorado, Missouri and Arkansas – took some steps toward reopening, though they did so gingerly.” Health officials have “warned that the coronavirus crisis is far from over and that a rushed resumption of business and social activity could spark a new wave of infections and death.” The US on Monday “added more than 21,000 cases and more than 840 deaths to its daily toll. In total, more than 1.1 million Americans have now been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, and more than 68,000 have died of it.”

The Washington Post (5/4, Olorunnipa, Witte, Bernstein) reports Trump and “some of his aides have backed away from their own guidelines, opting instead to hail the broad economic reopening that health experts say has started too quickly.” Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s “top infectious-disease expert, has repeatedly warned governors against moving too quickly to lift restrictions, saying he was concerned that states that flout the White House guidelines could spark a resurgence of the virus.” Similarly, Politico (5/4, Cook, Goldberg, Cancryn) writes Trump and many governors “are heralding a reopening of the American economy – even though a majority of states ending their coronavirus shutdowns this week have not met the White House’s most basic thresholds for testing, tracing and a prolonged drop in new cases.”

The ADA offers information on state mandates and recommendations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To aid dentists who may be reopening their practices when state mandates are lifted, the ADA issued a statement and interim guidance April 18 on the personal protective equipment recommended in order to practice during this pandemic and minimize the risk of virus transmission. The ADA also issued a new chart called Understanding Face Masks that highlights the characteristics of several common types of mask and their appropriate uses. The chart also addresses mask fit protocols and usage limitations.

In addition, the ADA offers the Return to Work Interim Guidance Toolkit, a free resource to help dentists return to more normal practice operations while taking precautions to protect staff, patients, and themselves from COVID-19.