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Coronavirus Cases Continue To Surge In Many Parts Of The US

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The Washington Post (6/15, A1, Bernstein, Weiner, Achenbach) reports that “coronavirus infections continued to rise in many parts of a divided nation Monday, with public health recommendations under attack from communities tired of staying home and officials eager to restart local economies.” The piece says, “Even as the number of infections rose and hospital beds filled in some places, voices clamored for an end to mandatory mask-wearing. And relaxation of restrictions designed to curb the novel coronavirus continued.” NIH Director Francis Collins said, “I understand how people must be very tired of this at this point. But the virus doesn’t care that we’re tired. The virus is still out there.”

The Wall Street Journal (6/15, Calfas, Subscription Publication) reports new cases of the coronavirus have accelerated in over a dozen states in the US. The country’s death toll tied to the pandemic now exceeds 116,000, and cases have surpassed 2.1 million.

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