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Update on the Purchase of KN95 Masks from Dr. Ronald Hsu

The CCDS has committed to purchasing 15,000 high-quality KN95 masks with adjustable head and neck straps (for ideal fit and seal) to be sold to members at a low cost. We anticipate that they will arrive by June 29th. Once they arrive we will make an announcement on where and how members may purchase them. Each member is entitled to purchase 75 masks, and after two weeks, anyone who would like more could purchase more depending on availability. It is entirely possible, that if 200 members buy 75 each, there will be no "leftovers". These are very comfortable masks that have passed fit-testing over and over.

Members are encouraged to pay by check and to pick up their order at designated locations (TBD). If members would like to pay with a credit card they will be sent a Quickbooks invoice ahead of time and must pre-pay. If members would like masks sent to them or delivered to them there will be extra charges for shipping or delivery

More details to come.