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CDC Calls For All Americans To Wear Face Masks In Public To Combat Coronavirus

CDC created COVID-19 testing criteria that masked the numbers ...
 (7/14, Fox) reports, “The science shows face masks work both to protect the wearer and to protect others from coronavirus, and everyone needs to wear one when around other people in public, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday.” CNN adds, “Even cloth face masks help enough to be worthwhile, three top CDC officials said in a commentary published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.” In the joint-editorial, CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield, CDC’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Brooks, and Deputy Director for Infectious Diseases Dr. Jay Butler said, “While community use of face coverings has increased substantially, particularly in jurisdictions with mandatory orders, resistance continues.”

The Hill (7/14, Moreno) reports that the CDC’s decision to urge all Americans to wear face masks “came after reviewing two studies: a JAMA study that found adherence to universal mask-wearing policies reduced transmission within a Boston hospital system, and an internal study from the CDC that found wearing a mask prevented the spread of infection from two hair stylists to their customers in Missouri.”

The ADA Return to Work Interim Guidance Toolkit notes that all patients and visitors entering the office should wear masks, except when undergoing treatment.