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Our February 4, 2021 Member Meeting - Online Now!

We record each Monthly Meeting, break it down and post the videos to the CCDS YouTube channel in order for members like you to watch at your convenience! 

Thank you to the member dentists who were able to attend our February Member Meeting!

All member attendees who attend for 60 minutes of the meeting receive a check from CCDS for $25 towards the cost of dinner. Members will receive 2 CE credits for attending both Part 1 and Part 2 in March.

Don't miss our next meeting on March 4, "LEARN Training - Part 2 - Suicide Prevention"


February Meeting Summary:

  • Message from our President: Dr. Nordahl\
  • A word from our Sponsor: CARR Healthcare Realty
  • "Breaking News" with Dr. Keith Collins: Vaccine availability for CCDS dentists
  • Our featured speaker Marny Lombard presents: "LEARN Training - Part 1 - Suicide Prevention"
  • Q&A and closing comments
Our January 2021 Monthly Meeting! - Watch here!