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Need an escape from the stresses of dentistry? Try yoga

See the full story here written for the ADA by Kimber Solana
Photo of Dr. Barrera
It didn’t take long after becoming a dentist when Alex Barrera, D.D.S., began to experience the starting stages of burnout.
Working at a community health center, while fulfilling, took a huge mental and emotional toll. Most of his patients often come from communities that are disenfranchised in health care, including those who are HIV-positive with a multitude of medical comorbidities and those who are homeless, institutionalized and incarcerated.

“I not only act as the dentist, but also take on roles similar to a counselor and social worker as I take the time to listen to the daily struggles that my patients experience,” Dr. Barrera said.

In search for some relief from the high-stress world of dentistry, Dr. Barrera found it in yoga — a practice rooted in Indian philosophy that has become a popular way to help foster physical and mental well-being.