History of the Clark County Dental Society

The Clark County Dental Society started meeting as a society in the late 1930's and has continued since then to be the primary voice of dentistry in Clark County.

Past Presidents:

(*Years approximated; others verified or according to WSDA records.)

2023 Dr. Brad Gillespie
2022 Dr. Keith Collins
2021 Dr. Keith Collins
2020 Dr. Kristin Nordahl
2019 Dr. Keith Collins
2018 Dr. Ronald Hsu
2017 Dr. Justin Hollar
2016 Dr. Dave Carsten
2015 Dr. Scott George
2014 Dr. Wanda Palena
2013 Dr. Kris Aadland
2012 Dr. Kathryn Wright
2011 Dr. Dan Wilson
2010 Dr. Steven Hokett
2009 Dr. Mark Johnson
2008 Dr. Peter Lubisich IV
2007 Dr. Judith Ris
2006 Dr. Munib Derhalli
2005 Dr. Kevin Schow
2004 Dr. Michael Warner
2003 Dr. James Prew
2002 Dr. Charles DuFort
2001 Dr. Kathryn Poleson
2000 Dr. Robert Sonnes
1999 Dr. Greg W. Boice
1998 Dr. David Mehlhaff
1997 Dr. Robert Nevin
1996 Dr. David Carsten
1995 Dr. Neil Gray
1994 Dr. Brian Thompson
1993 Dr. Dan Dorsey
1992 Dr. Iiley Thompson
1991 Dr. Constance Brown
1990 Dr. Dan Warner
1989 Dr. Ardon L. Overby
1988 Dr. Tom M. Kreger
1987 Dr. Roger Stuart
1986 Dr. Joseph H. Low
1985 Dr. Earl C. Simpson
1984 Dr. Dennis Graham
1983 Dr. Michael Scheel
1982 Dr. Gary G. Miller
1981 Dr. Gary Ostenson
1980 Dr. Peter Lubisich, III
1979 Dr. George G. Blakeslee
1978 Dr. Glenn D. Hollar
1977 Dr. Carl Gorretta
1976 Dr. Laurence D. Burt
1975 Dr. David B. Swan
1974 Dr. Orland J. Gessford
1973 Dr. Frank Yonek
1972 Dr. Wallace V. Teuscher
1971 Dr. J.W. McFarland
1970 Dr. Theodore D. Caviness
1969 Dr. Eugene Rimkeit
1968 Dr. Jerald J. Magee
1967 Dr. Frank Nyberg
1966 Dr. Daniel Morasch
1965 Dr. Alvord E. Johnson
1964 Dr. Richard M. Hanson
1963 Dr. Harold R. Nevin, Jr.
1962 Dr. John J. Lee
1961 Dr. Carl R. Wagner
1960 Dr. A. Osborne McClure
1959 Dr. Robert K. Laws
1958 Dr. Jerold Schulz
1957 Dr. Milton H. Johnson
1956 Dr. A. Lynn Ryan
1955 Dr. George R. Fuller
1953 Dr. Raymond H. Campbell
1952 Dr. Charles C. Stecher*
1951 Dr. Evans G. Nelson
1950 Dr. Miles R. Lieser*
1949 Dr. James H. O'Banion
1948 Dr. Willis D. Buck
1939 Dr. Carl R. Wagner
1938 Dr. E.H. Demers*
1937 Dr. Ralph E. Carter*
1935 Dr. Clyde H. Ryan


Dr. Francis W. Davis, First president
Dr. Raymond A. Laws
Dr. A.C. Wagner
Dr. William Karnath
Dr. A.P. Ryan