​​Speakers Bureau

The ​Speakers Bureau consists of member dentists who volunteer their time in service of the CCDS and the community. The purpose of the ​Speakers Bureau is to educate and inform the public, and to build healthy medical-dental collaboration in Clark County.

2021-2022 CCDS Speakers Bureau

Keith Collins, DMD
Dr. Ronald Hsu
Steven Hokett, DDS
Dr. David Carsten
​Dentist Anesthesiologist
Dr.​ David Carsten - click for Bio
Recent presentations:
feb meeting pic

Thanks to everyone who attended the presentation on Medical-Dental Collaboration, organized by Dr Keith Collins of the CCDS on Thursday February 6, 2020. We had a great turnout which exceeded our expectations!

All of our attendees talked about their projects, their needs, and opportunities to address our common mission.  Dr. Marucha, the Dean of OHSU SoD said he is using the smilesforllifeoralhealth.org set of eight PowerPoint presentations to educate non-dental health profession students at OHSU.  Members of our CCDS Speakers Bureau, Drs. Hsu, Hokett, and Carsten all gave presentations about their areas of interest relative to building medical-dental collaboration and oral health literacy in our community.  Representatives from the Free Clinic and Battleground Clinic showed support for our mission.  Dr. Carsten talked about his Tillikum medical-dental interrelations interactive lecture series at OSHU CE, and introduced the director of the General Practice Residency program he mentors at OHSU SoD, along with two of his residents. 

Sue Neal of the Battleground Clinic pointed out that Athena offers some services to get access to medical records in general, which I am following up with Athena directly.  This may help dentists to get access to medical records that are not available with Epic Share Everywhere, the system we recently featured in a webinar on YouTube.

Pictured are attendees and contributors, Shelley Campbell, The Dentists Insurance Company, John Mohr, Associate Director of Development at OHSU School of Dentistry, Phil Marucha, Dean of OHSU School of Dentistry, Gary Stafford, Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at OHSU School of Dentistry, Lori Lasher, Dental Clinic Coordinator at Battle Ground Healthcare, Dr Steven Hokett DDS, Sue Neal, Executive Director at Battle Ground Healthcare, Dr David Carsten DDS, OHSU GPR Director, Andrew Lane, OHSU School of Dentistry, Malin Friese, OHSU School of Dentistry, Kevin Chung, OHSU School of Dentistry, Dr Ronald Hsu DDS, Dr Remmie Eussen DDS, Carolyn Noack, Programs Manager at the Free Clinic, Ann Wheelock, the Free Clinic.

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