The Free Clinic of Southwest Washington's mission is to provide and facilitate access to free, compassionate, quality health care for adults who are otherwise unable to access such services.

The Free Clinic of SW Washington provides limited urgent dental care such as extractions and fillings to those who are uninsured and low-income. The Clinic does not provide cleanings, specialty dental care or treatment for children. In addition, the Free Clinic coordinates specialty care (medical and dental) with providers in the community. The Free Clinic partners with Medical Teams International to host two Dental Clinics per month. These clinics may be by appointment only or walk-up. When coming to a dental clinic, patients will first be screened and given paperwork by a volunteer inside of the Free clinic. Once paperwork is complete, the patient will be asked to wait in their car or the waiting room until we are ready for the patient onboard the Mobile Dental Clinic. For any dental questions call the Direct Dental Line: (360) 450-4744.

Catherine Bean
Allied Programs Manager
Edward Hernandez
Dental Clinic Coordinator
Free Clinic of Southwest Washington.
4100 Plomondon Street
Vancouver, WA 98661
(360) 450-3044 Main Clinic Line
(360) 450-4744 Direct Dental Line
(360) 694-5968 Fax