Sponsors and Advertisers


Thank You to Our Sponsors

The Clark County Dental Society appreciates our corporate sponsors and advertisers who help to support the lecture series for our general meetings, our web site, and other events.

Looking to sponsor a meeting? Please fill out the "Become a Sponsor!" form located at the bottom of this page and reach out to our Executive Director, Evolve Solutions Group, if you have any questions. Thank you!

Our monthly meetings are held in a hybrid format with our in-person attendees at the Royal Oaks Country Club and the option to attend virtually via Zoom. Upcoming events and their details can be accessed from the Events & Programs page. 

Our May 2023 Sponsors

Thank you to BnK Construction, Carestream, and CARR Realty for sponsoring our May 4, 2023, Member Meeting!
BnK Construction

Fees for CCDS 2023- 2024 Events:

Level 1 Sponsorship: $500

  • Publication of sponsors logo on the CCDS website
  • Contact information shared in the chat box during the meeting
  • 5 minutes talking time to members with slides
  • Inclusion of sponsor name on meeting reminders sent to all CCDS members

Level 2 Sponsorship: $250 

  • Publication of sponsors logo on the CCDS website
  • Contact information shared in the chat box during the meeting
  • Verbal mention of sponsorship during the meeting by the President

Questions or Technical Issues?

Please contact our CCDS Executive Director – Evolve Solutions Group