Clark County Dental Society Scholarship 2022

Congratulations to our 2022 Scholarship Recipients!

Every year our Executive Council awards three Clark County Dental Hygiene students, selected by their program director, a scholarship on behalf of the Clark County Dental Society. See this year's scholarship winners, their contact information, and their bios below. The three recipients were honored at our May GMM and awards were mailed to their preferred address. We look forward to supporting another three bright futures next year!

Sophia Azizi

Phone: (360) 721-7732
Bio: My name is Sophia Azizi. I am twenty-three years old, and I was born and raised in Vancouver, Washington. From the time I was a junior in high school, I knew I wanted to work in healthcare, and about a year ago, I decided to apply to the Clark College Dental Hygiene Program and got in for the 2021-2022 school year. Prior to starting dental hygiene school, I had zero knowledge about dentistry and wasn’t aware of how important oral health was. Now that I am in the program, I have realized that our oral health affects our overall health and should be prioritized more as a society. Once I graduate, I hope to work as a hygienist in the Vancouver area and help educate patients on the importance of their oral health and motivate them to schedule regular appointments and practice good oral home care. 

Stephanie Do

Phone: (360) 521-8452
Bio: Stephanie is a junior in the Clark College Dental Hygiene program. She grew up in Vancouver, WA, and graduated in 2016 from HeLa High School. Her parents immigrated from Vietnam to the United States. Her parents never had access to dental care as they had a lack of resources and education, which led them to acquire bone loss and increased risk for caries. She knew she wanted to pursue a career in dental hygiene because she wanted to give back to the community she grew up in and educate her community on ways to improve their oral health. She has always wanted to educate people on the importance of oral health as it is the gateway to the overall body. She enjoys hiking, and spending time outdoors. She is excited to educate her future patients on the importance of oral health and create a positive experience for her patients. 

llona Shevliakov

Phone: (360) 949-2918
Bio: I am 24 years old. I am an immigrant who moved to the United States at the end of 2015 from Ukraine. My family entered the United States of America as refugees due to the war in my country. When I moved here, I had absolutely no knowledge or understanding of the English language at all, and years later, I feel confident that I have achieved my goal of speaking more fluently. My dream was to become a Dental Hygienist because I enjoy working with teeth. However, in Ukraine, it was impossible to get into the dental field because there wasn’t such a program, and to become a dentist would be so expensive for my family, so I even didn’t start. Years later, I couldn’t imagine being in the dental field, all because of such great organizations that provide financial help to students as I am to achieve their goals and dreams. I am so honored to be nominated for that scholarship and want to thank all Clark County Dental Society Members for such an opportunity. 

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