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Announcing the launch of WSDA Retro!

WSDA Retro is an association-sponsored workers’ compensation retrospective rating program for member dentists.

The WSDA is close to officially launching their newest member benefit: WSDA Retro. WSDA Retro provides a no-cost, no-risk way to earn refunds on your L&I workers’ compensation premiums and provides outstanding support in working with L&I if you ever have a claim. In WSDA Retro, you will continue to pay L&I as you currently do, but you’ll receive claims support and potential refunds on premiums each year. Learn more about this at

The WSDA is very excited about this new member benefit, but still needs over 250 dental practices to sign up before we can launch. If enough practices sign up by March 6, the program will launch April 1. If not, the launch will be delayed until July 1.

To sign up, please complete the two forms that can be found here.