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ADA, WDA Working To Address Anti-Fluoridation Efforts

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The ADA News (3/6, Burger) reported that the American Dental Association (ADA) and the Wisconsin Dental Association (WDA) are taking steps to address “anti-fluoridation movements in three Wisconsin municipalities: Lake Delton, Berlin and Hayward.” WDA has organized “a fluoride response team that monitors situations like those in the three communities by sharing information and working together to develop a response when a municipality considers ending – or has already decided to end – community water fluoridation, said Brenna Sadler, WDA director of membership and communications.” Part of the challenge in addressing anti-fluoridation efforts in Wisconsin is that the state lacks an early notification law, said Dr. Russell Dunkel, state dental director. The article explained that these laws typically “require water systems to provide advance notice to the public and state health officials of proposed changes to fluoridation programs.” Dr. Leon Stanislav, chair of the ADA National Fluoridation Advisory Committee, said that if Wisconsin had such a statute, “then all parties could be at the table from the onset.”

The ADA-published reference “Fluoridation Facts” is available to view or download at no cost. Additional free ADA resources on community water fluoridation are located online at

Dental professionals can point their patients to the ADA’s consumer website,, for more information. In addition, The Journal of the American Dental Association offers the patient handout Drink Up! Fluoridated Water Helps Fight Decay, and the ADA Catalog features the Fluoride: Nature’s Cavity Fighter brochure.