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Tips To Create A COVID-19 Strategic Recovery Plan

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In an article in the Dental Practice Success Spring 2020 issue, Roger P. Levin, DDS, CEO and founder of Levin Group, states that “in the face of the challenges posed by our current situation with COVID-19 we must approach strategic planning in a new way.” Dr. Levin explains that strategic planning at this time must be “simple” and “focused on only four key areas that are critical to survival and recovery”: practice, staff, patients, and financial. Dr. Levin shares tips to create a one-page recovery plan that lists value-based strategies and measurable goals for the four areas. “Once the correct strategies are identified and you stay 100% focused on achieving your goals, your odds of recovering more quickly increase tremendously,” Dr. Levin writes.

The ADA also offers the Return to Work Interim Guidance Toolkit, a free resource to help dentists return to more normal practice operations while taking precautions to protect staff, patients, and themselves from COVID-19.